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SiteKiosk PC with PrinterOn remote printing
SiteKiosk software provides an integrated printing functionality. Users at the SiteKiosk machine can print their documents and web pages using a local or a network printer for free or at a charge. However, if their document is saved on a mobile device like a smart phone, tablet or laptop the users need to send the document as an email attachment to a web-based email account and print the document after accessing their email account on the SiteKiosk PC.

PROVISIO has partnered with PrinterOn to add remote printing capabilities to your public access computers in your business center, hotel lobby or any other place where users want to remotely send print jobs from their mobile devices directly to a PrinterOn-enabled printer that is connected to the SiteKiosk PC without having to connect to your secure network or download drivers. PrinterOn support provides an additional printing option besides the integrated printing functionality of SiteKiosk. Both scenarios allow you to charge users for printing (Requires SiteKiosk Pay license).
Mobile printing apps are also available so users can search for printers located nearby and then print to them from their mobile device. Please contact PrinterOn for more information at
How does it work?
Each PrinterOn-enabled printer that is connected to a SiteKiosk PC has a unique email address assigned to it by PrinterOn. The user sends a print job from their mobile device such as a smart phone, tablet or laptop by simply sending an email with attachment to the email address of any PrinterOn-enabled printer.
A secure release code is sent back to the user’s email address.
User needs to enter the release code at the local SiteKiosk PC that is connected to the PrinterOn-enabled printer to release the document(s) for printing. Print jobs are kept confidential that way. In case there is a charge for printing the user would also need to make a payment at the SiteKiosk machine for the print job.
Document(s) are printed.
How do I setup a SiteKiosk PC with PrinterOn?
The instructions below focus on the specific steps required for deploying the PrinterOn solution on a SiteKiosk PC. For detailed information about general SiteKiosk settings, please refer to the SiteKiosk configuration wizard and help file or contact PROVISIO’s support department.
1. Contact PrinterOn to create your account and to install the PrinterOn Print Delivery Software (PDS) on your public computers which have SiteKiosk installed:
2. Your PrinterOn account provides two options how users can send print jobs through PrinterOn:

Option 1 (Email): They can email the document to a unique PrinterOn email address for your printer. You will get the email address for the printer from your PrinterOn account that you have created (See step 1).

Option 2 (File Upload): They can also use a print-job-upload-page from the PrinterOn website for your printer.

  • To find the URL, logon to your PrinterOn account and the URL for your printer’s print-job-upload-page can be found on the overview screen.
  • You can link to this URL from the Portal start page or browser toolbar button in the SiteKiosk configuration wizard under Browser>Themes/Design.
  • You will need to allow http file uploads in the SiteKiosk configuration wizard under >Security >Access to upload documents for printing through the PrinterOn website. Please uncheck the box "Block HTTP post file uploads".
  • Optionally, you can also allow your users to upload files at the SiteKiosk PC from a flash drive. See for instructions on how to allow users to upload from a removable drive at a SiteKiosk PC.

3. If the PDS software is installed on the same PC as the SiteKiosk software and you do not plan to use the regular printing, open the SiteKiosk configuration wizard under >Management >Print uncheck the box labeled "Enable printer monitoring" and the box "Show Print button". If you plan to use regular printing as well please see the SiteKiosk help file to learn how to setup a shared printer to use it with SiteKiosk.
4. The interface to enter the PrinterOn print job release code is a local html file found at "…\SiteKiosk\Html\PrinterOn\PrinterOn.html”. You can use this print release code page as the start page if you want to set up a station for printing only, link to it from the Portal start page or create a button on the browser toolbar.
Note: To create a browser button go to >Browser >Themes/Design then click the "Customize" button for the browser skin you are using. Select Individual Buttons from the menu on the left, then name the button and add the path under the "Set individual weblink or program".
5. To charge for printing through PrinterOn, open the SiteKiosk configuration wizard and go to Payment Devices and activate and configure the payment device which you like to use with your SiteKiosk PC. Then click the ‘Service rates’ button.
The PrinterOn options are at the bottom of the page. Set the ‘Print Delivery Station URI’ (Default port: 631) and the price per page. If you are not charging for printing, you need to set this amount to zero.

Note: In the SiteKiosk configuration wizard under "PaymentDevices" click the "Advanced" button then click the "Visualization" icon. Select the radio button that only shows Credit and not time left. This is only necessary if you are only charging for printing and not charging to use the computer.
Additional Notes
The PDS software only needs to be installed on one of your kiosks. You can reference the machine where PDS is installed in the SiteKiosk configuration wizard under Payment Devices then edit the option “Print Delivery Station URI”. On the machine where PDS is installed you can leave the URI as “localhost”. On a machine where PDS is not installed you will need to point to the machine where PDS is installed by its network name or IP address. Warning: In order to use the IP address of the machine the IP will need to be static or at least a reserved local address so that the PDS print station can continue to be found at that address.
For boarding pass printing the user must save the webpage that their pass is on as either a PDF or .mht file and upload it to PrinterOn for it to work. It is not possible to print directly from the URL since it is password protected.
If you are having trouble printing in Autostart but not Run Once mode in SiteKiosk, check to make sure that the local name for your printer is that same on the SiteKiosk user account as it is in your administrator account. See for instructions on logging on to the SiteKiosk user account to change settings.
SiteKiosk PC with PrinterOn remote printing
Available in PDF format.
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